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Meridian Health Protocol

by rohini matthew (2019-01-19)

Native Americans survived well Meridian Health Protocol Review and in good health, on a diet full of animal meat, salted heavily and for the most part, absent of sugar. Scandinavian people have historically subsisted on fish, hale and hearty. In Asian cultures, seaweed, rice and vegetables have been the mainstay of a healthy diet.When people adhere to the traditional diet of their culture, disease is far less prevalent. The native Eskimo is far less likely to develop heart disease. The Native American, consuming a diet with far more sodium and less sugar, does not develop high blood pressure or diabetes. The person of Scandinavian descent, sticking with the traditional fish overload, is less likely to develop arthritis! On the face of it, it doesn't make sense. We're warned about the dangers of a high-fat diet, excessive sodium and the absence of platefuls of veggies. Yet, these traditional diets are a healthy diet, at least for those in specific ethnic groups.