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Native Nutrients

by rohini matthew (2019-01-28)

As we become more concerned Native Nutrients Review about the ingredients in our food products, the more confused we can become. New food labeling laws, especially Nutrition Fact Labels, which are required on all processed foods, help us understand the basic food group components. But how do we know which ingredients are harmful or not so healthy for our kids?Organic refers to the way food is grown and processed. Organic foods are grown without toxins and persistent chemicals. Instead farmers use methods that work with nature, like crop rotation, cover crop planting, and composting. Some even use a release of insects that are beneficial to the crops being raised.Conventional scientists will only ever be happy if they can prove WHY something happens. WHAT is never enough. For example, you could give all the children in the school an omega 3 supplement and that school might do very well in their exams that year. Great for the parents, great for the students, but not so great for the scientists. Why did they perform well? Was it due to the supplement? Or were the teachers extra good that year? Or did they have a particularly bright group of students?