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Ultra FX 10 Review

by Nishish Sandy (2018-12-31)

If you are reading this article then it is more than likely you are experiencing excess hair loss and are seeking a solution. If this is the case then please take comfort from the fact that almost 80 million other people in the US are in the same boat as you.Ultra FX 10 However taking comfort from not being alone will make your hair grow back but taking the time to read this article and taking action might just do the trick.Your hair goes through a natural cycle of growing, resting and falling out. Every day we lose hair as more follicles enter the falling out stage, the problem arises when, for whatever reason the hair doesn't enter the growing phase again.This could be triggered by stress, childbirth, HRT or becoming pregnant but the main cause of everyday excessive hair loss is a powerful sex hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).A form of the male hormone testosterone it can be found in both men and women and strangely is the hormone that activates facial hair growth in young men. When it comes to scalp hair, DHT causes follicular miniaturisation.Your follicles gradually become smaller over time and produce thinner hair as a result of this. Eventually the follicle will be so small that no hair can grow at all and the result, will effectively be, you have dead hair follicles.So what's the big deal with being bald anyway? For men, it may signify that they are growing old and they are in denial. It could mean loss of virility or status symbol or the feeling of being less attractiveness to the opposite sex. For women, it's a big deal, as many consider their hair as their crowning glory, something akin to a great achievement. They have been known for taking great pride in how their hair shines and feel and would often treat themselves to hair spas and other fashionable hair treatments.However, it is known that Androgenic Alopecia or hair loss or pattern baldness can be blamed to the genetic make up of the individual. It is hereditary; that's why people who have parents and grandparents who became bald in their old age also eventually became bald themselves.Although most people associate thinning hair and baldness as an issue only men face, it is also something that women do suffer from as well. Numerous reasons for balding in women exist. Sometimes it can occur due to hormonal imbalances or insufficient minerals, along with stress. There are many instances of hair loss being stopped and even reversed.