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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-04)

My wife Nanci and Glutathione Ultra Review I have been feeding wild birds most of our lives. Until thirteen years ago we offered the same wild bird foods as everybody else, seeds and suet. We offered these items sporadically whenever the mood struck us. We believed that wild birds were fully capable of finding enough food on their own without our help. We provided wild bird food for one reason-our own entertainment. It is fun and relaxing to watch the antics of wild birds. Suet cakes are easy to feed. Just unwrap, drop in a cake feeder, and hang it out for the birds to find. Woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, and other bark foragers were the primary birds eating at our cake feeding sites. For decades we never questioned our bird feeding activities. However, the realization that many species of birds were in trouble slowly developed in our consciousnesses.

We began to question the merits of our feeding activities and the wild bird foods we selected for feeding. Could we do more for the birds The fact is that suet requires a significant amount of energy for wild birds to digest while providing little nutritional value other than energy. Now since flying is such an energy intensive activity, energy is vital for wild birds but it is by far not the only nutrient birds need for optimum health. We did some research and discovered that suet is a relatively poor choice for meeting the energy needs of wild birds. Of all the potential fats that could be used, vegetable oil is the best providing just as much energy as suet but requiring significantly less energy for the birds to digest. In other words, just as much "fuel" as suet but at less "cost" to the birds. We switched exclusively to vegetable oil cakes 13 years ago and the wisdom of our decision is apparent every day in many more birds and many more species feeding on our cakes. We have been at our current residence since 2001 and we have been feeding vegetable oils cakes 24/7 all year round. The increase in number and species is startling. It didn't happen over night. Every year the numbers of birds and species increased and still does. Our neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for 30+ years exclaim in wonder, "What are you doing? We have never seen so many birds and different kinds in all the years we have lived here.