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Nano Towels

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-07)

Give me my sleep, give me my life. I Nano Towels Review truly believe those words. Learning to live with Insomnia is not an answer for me, nor should it be for you. I deserve to fall asleep when I so desire, and I have a right to. It is my sleep, I deserve it, give it to me. But as we all know, there is no communication with Insomnia, or even a chance to negotiate with it. It is here, and it is a monster. Trying to yell at Insomnia is like trying to yell at a wall. It will not answer, nor will it even acknowledge you. What you have to do is knock that wall down! The wall can come down and the monster can be defeated. All analogies aside, Insomnia hurts all of its sufferers, and we do not want to suffer any longer. Suffering with Insomnia is a temporary way of living. Dreams are one of the most unnoticed forms of communication that God can use. The Word of God, without fail reveals God as speaking to people through universally experienced and unexplained incidents. God can use dreams for different reasons. He may want to send one a message, when we have failed to listen to him. He may want to warn us from important decisions we are planning to make. He could warn us of the future events that may take place in our lives. Dreams, as we know, are very hard to determine exactly what they mean. Sometimes, people can interpret dreams, sometimes, they can't. Even though some dreams may propose a warning, some can propose a confirmation for us. Many dream specialists have guided people through their dream journeys in hopes to summarize what they mean. Some discover answers, some do not. Not every dream has a meaning, even though, we sometimes, know exactly what our dream could mean. We feel it in our hearts and it stays on our mind until we pray and ask God for guidance. I, myself have encountered spiritual dreams and each have been such an overwhelming experience. I, either received a blessing, warning, or God was showing me things that I needed to know in my daily spiritual walk. Sometimes, things that were buried in my subconscious mind were introduced to me, once again, in my dreams. Some of my spiritual dreams I have pondered on for days and still no interpretation came to my thoughts with what they could mean. After attending church service, then I encountered the answer, the thoughts came, all of a sudden with a twist and turn in my mind. I knew then, what my dream destined. The first spiritual dream I had, I knew exactly what it meant as soon as I awaken from my sleep. I want to share the dream I received from God in the year of 2000. My grandma had passed away approximately two weeks before my dream. She was a gifted singer and guitar player in a local church. She was a born again Christian and had shown her light to everyone around. She was a fun loving, beautiful lady that loved her family and most of all, Jesus.