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Arm Up System

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-09)

You have already noticed Arm Up System Review that your metabolism has slowed down, you have gained a few extra pounds and you are starting to become soft and sag a little (loss of muscle tone is really starting to show). You may be experiencing less energy and vitality, less drive to set and achieve new goals and pursue interests and may have numerous aches and pains.To vastly oversimplify the theory: Your body has evolved so that behaviors that helped our ancestors survive harsh conditions - robust daily physical activity - send positive chemical signals to our most fundamental biological systems that say life is good: grow, heal, thrive. Being sedentary and inactive tells those deep wiring and plumbing operations to shut down, decay, die.This message applies to anyone in the afternoon of their life who seeks an option to the decline, disease and despair of many folks' later decades. And there are options, but - you knew that word was coming - this all requires a big change A walk in the park isn't going to do it and a few sessions of gardening is not even close to what is needed to fend off Father Time. A proper exercise program needs to be set up by a fitness professional who can teach you correct exercise technique, monitor the program and change it regularly. If you try and wing it alone you will be disappointed with your results - or rather lack of them. Welcome to your "new job," and you will need to apply the same discipline that you would need to apply to any real job if you wish to hold off accelerated, premature aging and the risk of disease. Sit around with beer watching television and you are telling your body it's time to close down, its work on earth is complete. You in effect are creating your own 'shutdown mode' which will make way for younger, stronger more capable beings.The alternative is continue being highly active especially strength building and maintaining exercise and you will be telling your body, in the code of its most primitive systems that this body is still needed on this earth, keep me strong and healthy as I have stuff to do. In our quest for optimum health, what we eat is very important. While the term "diet" does seem to have some negative connotations for most of us, the simple truth is that what we eat on a regular basis will have either a positive or negative effect on our overall health.In truth, even if we are champions in strength and cardio training, if we neglect our diets, we can create some really detrimental effects on our overall health.So does "changing our diet" mean we must always eat spinach and broccoli and never again eat "junk food" or all those tempting desserts. Personally, I feel that if we eat well balanced and nutritious foods on a consistent basis...then our bodies will be more than capable of handling those not so nutritious indulgences from time to time.