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Auvela Skincare

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-09)

Nucerity offers a unique line of Auvela Skincare Review skin products, which are called non-prescriptive health care products. They offer a unique, multi-level marketing plan that allows you to make money 12 different ways. Besides retail profits, you can earn new volume bonus, customer retention bonus, customer acquisition bonus, team bonuses, Blue Diamond level bonus, preferred customer overrides, executive matching bonus, multiple business centers, fast start bonus, Diamond level bonus and distributor retention bonus. For those that are interested in network marketing opportunities, this is one of the most generous compensation plans offered. Nucerity offers three weekly conference calls for training, corporate updates and getting started. Right now, the company offers Skincerity, which is a breathable masque to improve your skin without affecting your normal skin care regimen. It rolls on as liquid and dries in seconds. It heals the skin and it is great for sun damaged skin, acne, rashes, itching and insect bites. Soon to be released, Lucerity Natural Facelift contains the super antioxidant Lutein. It promises to increase your skin hydration and elasticity while it enhances cell growth for smoother skin. Both Skincerity and Lucerity are products that meet the demanding testing standards of the medical community through scientific research, clinical trials and testing. The first-to-market skin and health care technologies create new consumer categories. The executive team at Nucerity has a successful history of developing medical practices and strong retail brands. They chose the network marketing distribution method for the person to person approach for optimal exposure. The company believes in well-paid distributors to market their leading edge products, which is why they have composed one of the leading compensation plans. Nucerity has a medical advisory board with a certified dermatologist and a leading research scientist that specializes in anti-aging and age management skin care. It is obvious by the nature of the products that the medical advisory panel had influence in product development for Skincerity and Lucerity. Skincerity is touted as a pharmaceutical grade product and an amazing medical breakthrough. Unlike any other skin care product, Skincerity makes your skin look younger by scientifically helping it to retain moisture. Wrinkles seem to disappear. Because Nucerity's website won't allow you to buy the product without going through one of their distributors, your network marketing business enjoys support from the company.For an enrollment fee of $45, you can enjoy 40% discounts off the retail price. As an associate, you have to be personally active, which means enrolled for the $45 and paying the monthly website fee of $5.95, and have two personally sponsored affiliates who have also enrolled. From there, the ranks for compensation increase at a fairly quick pace, but those that reach the highest levels, Blue Diamond are earning thousands and thousands of dollars weekly.Retail sales of Nucerity products are encouraged, besides the multi-level sponsorship plans and you are rewarded immediately. Team members purchase the products at wholesale and receive immediate retail profit. Affiliates that don't participate in the team commissions can build their own websites to market the products. Face to face sales of the products is encouraged.