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Kinetic Attraction

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-11)

Okay, so you finally got her attention. Kinetic Attraction Review She's agreed to go out with you. Maybe you're already starting a relationship. Here are the three most dangerous mistakes you must avoid when you are around her. Don't agree to everything she says: It's one thing to be supportive. You listen to what she's saying and how she handles certain situations. You hear her out when she shares her viewpoints on politics or religion or any other topic. But, you don't have to agree with her ALL the time.Girls don't like it when men say yes to everything they say, believe it or not. Women like a challenge and if you just go along with whatever she wants, she'll lose interest. You might end up being her driver or messenger instead of her partner.Don't try so hard or give too much: Don't go to extremes to amaze her. If she sees a diamond ring she likes, don't buy her a $5000 diamond necklace. Also, don't risk your life to impress her with a death-defying act of love. She'll think you're a freak and walk away.Girls want a fair relationship where both of you give and take. If you don't let her do things for you or try to carry the relationship on your shoulders alone, you won't last long.Don't tell her how much you care too soon: Maybe she is the love of your life and you realize it after only two weeks of dating. Don't tell her yet! For example, if you are out on a date with a beautiful girl and you have this urge of kissing her, she will definitely sense it, and if you have no idea as to what your next step is and how you are going to kiss her properly, then you will most likely make a fool out of yourself and turn her off in the process. It is not all about looks and money. Guys easily give up because they have this notion that gorgeous women are only drawn to wealthy and handsome men and that is a very huge mistake. The majority of women are much more interested in the characteristics of a man - and there are certain traits that appeal to them.Women hate to be made to feel as if they are something you can buy. It's really insulting to them, and depending on your approach, sometimes you can really offend them if you are trying to buy all of her drinks, and trust me, if you are always doing this, she will not respect you.Giving too much attention. This is another common mistake that men make without them realizing it. Whenever you shower a woman with tons of attention, she will start to feel that she is a very important part of your life - and she will take you for granted. So, it is best to just display moderate attention and interest in her. Always being available.This is one of the mistakes guys make unconsciously. She will less likely to value you if you keep being available for her all the time. As a human being, we have this inclination to desire things that we do not have. There is a saying that goes for women, to not answer the call right when the guy calls, to make him wait, and the same stands for guys, and for a very good reason: you don't want to look easy or desperate. You want her to get curious and feel excited when you call, and leaving her to wait for a bit will ensure that this can happen.