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BedBug Guardian

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-14)

Success Handler Action: After you finish reading BedBug Guardian Review this, gather your team and discuss why customers/clients love you. Be sure to remember they "buy" for different reasons than you "sell". For instance, people buy: thrills, not circus tickets; spills, not NASCAR; and chills, not horror movies. The more clearly you understand why they buy your products/services, the better you will be able to communicate with them. Here are some questions to help you get started: Today many women are struggling with debt and it's even harder if you are a single mother trying to support your family. According to the Census Bureau single mothers far outweigh single fathers. In 2003 there was a total of 2,260,000 one parent family groups maintained by the father and 10,142,000 one parent family groups maintained by the mother. This is also why many single mothers find themselves diving into debt. So if you are one of those single mothers struggling to get by, you are not alone. Whether you are going through a divorce or the father is absent most single mothers face the burden of supporting themselves and their children all on one income. Did you know that only fifteen percent of women going through a divorce are awarded any form of court-ordered spousal support? Unfortunately, thirty-four percent of those women never receive what is due to them. Less than half of the women who claim child support ever receive the full amount. As well, within the first year of divorce a women's average standard of living falls forty-five percent while a man's will grow fifteen percent. When you get people to your site, again the key is to take action. A website should have enough information to entice a viewer to want more information. Once you've established that connection, motivate them to provide you with their contact information in exchange for an item of value. A free report or a subscription to an ezine are logical choices. Once you have their contact information, you now have the ability to contact them again and again. And sell them on your business and your services with every contact. Driving traffic to your site becomes the next area of focus. Your lists provide you with initial contacts. But with the Internet, finding those same people all over the world becomes necessary to grow your business. Begin building up your name as the authority within your field or industry. Get your personal name out there - not just your business name. Write articles for other websites and ezines with complimentary target markets. Become a guest moderator on forums. Become a columnist for a trade publication. Look for opportunities to build up your credibility. The ultimate goal is to provide quality information to people in your target market. And to have the ability to provide your contact information, and ultimately a link back to your site, in places all over the Internet. Trust is built when people see our name again and again. Connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses is a sure fire way of getting known. No matter how hard you work, there will always be just 24 hours in a day. As your days become busier, learning to leverage other people's time and effort becomes mandatory to facilitate growth. Most small business people try to do too many things on their own.