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Alive After The Fall 2

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-23)

If there is one thing that you need to Alive After The Fall 2 Review have in your survival kit, it must be a medical kit. This includes your first aid kit and other extra medical supplies. You will need a lot of antibiotics and painkillers to help you in any type of medical emergency that you may come across. Your first aid kit should also be fully stocked with bandages, scissors, disinfectants, absorbent dressings, adhesive cloth tape, non-latex gloves and first aid instructional booklet among other types of first aid supplies. A well-stocked medical kit will help you to deal with medical emergencies more effectively. Survival Tools There are some items that can be referred to as survival tools. This is because they will help you to survive any type of predicament. They include matches, Swiss army knife, marine knife, long rope, low energy tactical flashlight, foil blanket, tarp, flint, solar-powered LED lamp, water bottle, small cooking pot, compass, fishing line and solar charger among others. You should be able to hunt or catch your own food, start a fire, cook food and make shelter with these survival tools. Be sure to search for more information about survival kits and what should be included. Communication Equipment If you and your family survive, you need to find a way to communicate with each other when you are away from camp or your new home. For this reason, you should include several two-way radios in your kit. Please note that cell service will either be limited or non-existent because there will be nobody to manage them. Walkie-talkies, therefore, may be the only mode of communication that you may have. To listen to emergency broadcasts, be sure to include an analog radio to help you listen to AM/MW/FM radio signals that may be broadcast in the aftermath. The key to surviving the end of the world lies in having as much information about survival as possible. You should also learn how to maintain a survival kit. Every member of the family should also have this knowledge. Be sure to practice/simulate possible scenarios with the family. For instance, you can go camping one day with nothing more than a piece of tarp, rope, fishing line, knife, and flint. Every member of the family should learn to fish, how to start a fire as well as how to set up the tent. Food and shelter are the two most basic human needs. Once you have food and shelter, you can survive.