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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-23)

There is yet another way in which NuCulture Review minerals affect health. We have just learned of the essential nature of certain minerals in cellular health and therefore, body health. Energy production of all kinds depends on this activity. Toxic minerals can compete for positions with the enzymes. Toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, uranium and others are particularly adroit at replacing the essential mineral (magnesium, zinc and others) on the cellular receptors. This toxic mineral (wrong coenzyme/cofactor) prevents the enzyme from being active; therefore, the cell energy and function suffers and the body's health and function suffer, disease ensues and symptoms eventually follow and resulting symptoms are the central concern of standard medical treatment. A chelation therapy program, as one of its modes of action, provides a solution for mineral imbalances, both essential and toxic, increasing the essential minerals and decreasing the toxic minerals and metals. A chelation therapy program is a common sense comprehensive program that when properly designed and followed can restore health, cellular health resulting in increased energy and bodily health. Naturopathic medicine is amongst the major forms of alternative medicine programs and is broadly studied and used for curing diseases that include a natural approach towards treating various sorts of illnesses. Natural Medicine courses are among those few medicine programs that provide opportunity to make a bright holistic health care career. Naturopathy practitioners can work in hospitals or open their own clinics.