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The Lost Book Of Remedies

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-26)

You may have a freezer or refrigerator full of food, The Lost Book Of Remedies Review but how long will that last when the power and gas is cut or significantly reduced? What about cooking the food you do have? Oh yeah, "I should have bought a camp stove, should have bought extra gas for the barbeque, should have bought a solar sun oven, and I would not need to buy or store fuel. Should have bought a food dehydrator or dehydrated food, rice, beans, powdered eggs, canned butter, powdered milk... Is it a little late? Where is that flashlight? Oh great, the batteries are dead, where are some batteries? My cell phone, TV, laptop, Ipad and Dick Tracy watch are not working! How can I get the news or emergency broadcasting radio network? Oh yeah, guess I should have bought a crank/solar emergency radio." I turned on the tap and nothing came out, have only four liter bottles of water for five people. I should have stored more water or bought a hand pump-Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Where can I find water? Bridges are down, power lines are down, roads are closed, there are fires breaking out everywhere. A family member is injured and I have no first-aid kit and get to the hospital! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and America is bringing out the sticks again. I know, there are some lucky dogs that get to play year around. But for the rest of us, the first round is traditionally filled with a massive amount of play our best season yet. We may even give a nod to those tried and true safety warnings: keep track of those around you, yell and heed "fore", don't hit into the group in front of you, drive safely, protect yourself from the sun, drink plenty of water, and get away from trees and into the clubhouse at the first sign of lightning. Pretty basic stuff, no? Here's one that doesn't receive a lot of press, though: The number one cause of death on the golf course is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). You may be thinking, "I'm young, healthy, in great shape. No worries here." Perhaps you're right. But read on, you may save someone's life. SCA is not a heart attack, although SCA can be caused by a heart attack. It happens to individuals of all ages. It's an electrical malfunction of the heart that causes it to beat erratically or not at all. This deprives the vital organs of blood. A person who experiences an SCA will immediately pass out and stop breathing. CPR is a great tool to force blood to the organs, but defibrillating (shocking) the heart is the only way to restore a normal heart rhythm. CPR alone can't get the job done. The victim must be defibrillated within four minutes for a better than 50% chance of survival. Only 4 minutes.The automatic response to watching someone have an SCA is to call 911. The reality is that golf courses are large, often remote, and not very accessible. The nationwide 911 average response time is 9 minutes. Each minute without defibrillation lessens by 10% the likelihood of the victim's survival. So now what? Go ahead and call 911, first. Then send someone for an AED, provided the course has one.