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Joint Renew

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-03-06)

And Fifth, that the Federal Joint Renew Review or Postal employee does not decline a reasonable offer of reassignment to a vacant position. The "vacant position" that is offered by an Agency must be at the same pay or grade. As a pragmatic matter, this is normally not an issue. Agencies rarely find another position which is deemed compatible with the Federal or Postal employee who already suffers from a medical condition. Often, the similar position at the same pay or grade presents the identical problems to the Federal or Postal employee, precisely because it was the medical condition which resulted in the inability to perform one or more of the essential elements to begin with. The above constitute some of the basic elements of a Federal Disability Retirement application. While there are many other (and rather complex) issues which must be addressed in preparing, formulating and compiling a Federal Disability Retirement application under FERS or CSRS, it is always best to start with the basic elements, then construct an effective delineation of a compelling case - to be submitted to the Office of Personnel Management.