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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-12)

For this Bass angler the opener was a success! Skinception Review And we worked hard for it. We were armed with a few products in hand. Some recent, some not so recent, but still a few of the old traditional products worked. Take the good old black 7" Power Worm from Berkley, for example. It was responsible for the biggest Largemouth of the day weighing in at 4.8lbs. What a dandy! Rigged Texas with a screw on bullet weight was the way to go with the windy conditions. The black Senko also produced. Black took over the plastics battle with the murky water. It only made sense that the fish preferred it. Stained water normally calls for dark colors and the proof was in the live well! Precision casts were key here too! We had to place the bait right in front of their snouts. Clearer waters produced Bass with baits like the 5" Tiki-Stick, in watermelon-copper from Wave Worms. It had to be placed just right for the taking and it did well fooling the Largemouth. The 8" Flappn' Tail Worm from Gambler took its share of 'bucket mouth'. The Florida-Five-O pattern has amazing red flakes that flash in the sun as it sinks. It definitely got the Bass' attention! Early morning and late day is when I really go hard at it for the Smallmouth! This particular morning they preferred something fast moving instead of dragged or slow trolled. There were sightings of their presence everywhere! They were blowing up on bait fish. Schooling them close to the surface and gorging themselves. I threw in my trusty 'Realistix' Power Minnow and jig from Berkley and landed a good lunker of a Smallmouth! It also worked for Largemouth because they too were filling their bellies with the same baitfish. We changed with every different scenario the lake gave us and were rewarded for our efforts. It goes to show that versatility is still a major ingredient in Bass fishing success. Prime areas were areas with lumber in the mix. Twenty or so yards from shore were distinct weed clumps that were not over looked. Spinner baits, crank baits, top water baits, basically we threw as much at them as we could until something hits the jackpot and that's the on we stick with until different conditions warrant change once again.Overall, Bass opener was definitely a weekend to remember. Beautiful weather resulted in good 71 to 75 degree F. water temperatures for prime Smallmouth and Largemouth fishing. Smallmouths were in their summer transition, but yet still moving shallow in the cool morning sun for their early feeding. Largemouth were using shaded areas during full mid day sun. Lumber and 5 to 6 feet of weeded water for a sun canopy was all they needed to stay quite comfortable with ample food nearby! We knew from past experience that they had to be there. Consistent temperatures brought easy predictions. It's just a matter of time before the right bait works, but hey, that's a pleasure!Italy is famed for its beautiful cities, with millions of tourists flocking to Florence, Rome, Venice, Pisa and Milan. A recent visit to northern Italy revealed that there is plenty to see away from the big cities.Every trip to Italy seems likely to set the pulse racing. Previous visits to this dynamic country had included taking in the majestic splendour of Venice, the unique atmosphere of Rome and the architectural delights of Florence.