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G-Force Teeth-Ways to get food poisoning and how to avoid it

by fiona basil (2021-04-17)

We all like to eat, but experimenting with foods whose preparation and hygiene are unknown makes us safe victims of food poisoning, especially if you eat them on the street.

Ways to get food poisoning

There are many ways to get intoxicated with food and it is necessary to know how to prevent it, since the stomach and intestine are the first to suffer this problem, which can become worse if it is not treated correctly.

1. You ate in a place whose quality you do not know

The location of a food outlet is important when ordering your food. If you go to a place very far from the sea, we suggest that you do not order seafood. Although in most of these places they take precautions in the preparation, to avoid that you can poison yourself with food, the ideal is to prevent. If you still decide to eat them and feel an upset stomach, you may be suffering from food poisoning.

2. You drank raw water

In some countries the water has been contaminated by toxic waste. However, it is easily accessible since it passes through the pipes of our homes, jobs and educational institutions, so it is preferable that you purify it before taking it, whether you boil it or use purifying tablets.

Especially with children, it is necessary to always have purified water, as their restless nature keeps them active at all times. That is why they are always thirsty and want to drink water at all times.

When you go out for a walk with them, take a bottle of purified water with you, this is the best way to be prevented from poisoning by drinking contaminated water, something much more common than you think.

3. You asked for a salad to take care of the diet

Eating salads does not always bring health benefits and we refer mainly to the hygiene of the place where you plan to eat it. If in the country where you are there are problems of contaminated water or a great drought caused by various situations, you should immediately ask yourself how have the vegetables or fruits on your plate been washed?

Although it may be uncomfortable for you, ask the innkeeper if they have a water tank or if they use purified water. If you prefer to avoid having to interview the waiter, then your best option is to ask if they have cooked vegetable salad, but it is always better to make salads at home.

4. You cook regularly in the microwave

Although the use of the microwave is not the most recommended, it can be useful for those who do not have that much time, but it is necessary that you know that regularly heating food in the microwave can cause food poisoning. The main reason is that food that has already been cooked and also stays in the refrigerator overnight can get bacteria.

How to avoid food poisoning

We suggest some tips to avoid food poisoning, whether you eat them on the street or those that you cook at home, you should pay attention to the following tips.

Food poisoning can happen at the most unexpected time. Use caution when choosing where to eat, especially where they sell cookouts, school cafeterias, large social gatherings, or restaurants. Although this condition is not serious, it can definitely be very uncomfortable and interrupt your daily life for several days until you get better.

Foods to be careful with

  1. Raw sprouts are often included in salads, and if they are not properly washed, they can trigger food poisoning, so you should be careful with them.
  2. The cooked meat is also a possible source of intoxication for the organism, Salmonella is a bacteria that is normally present in raw meats, and cause serious health problems. You should also be careful with white meats, chicken and fish.
  3. Raw or undercooked eggs, again here the problem of salmonella can occur, although its contamination has decreased, it is always necessary to take precautions and in the case of consuming them, they must be well cooked.
  4. Avoid eating raw oysters, especially those bought on the street.

It is also necessary to be careful in hygiene, having your hands washed and hair tied when preparing meals, it is essential to avoid food poisoning. Precautions should also be taken with the use of expired foods, foods that do not smell good and have a spoiled taste.

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