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Revitaa Pro-What is the medicinal use of fennel?

by fiona basil (2021-06-21)

The properties of fennel have been proven and discovered for more than 20 centuries, and because it can be an ally in the treatment of very diverse diseases and conditions, today it is a medicinal plant that is used in many homes.

Fennel is a plant native to southern Europe, it can grow up to two meters high and human consumption of all its parts, from the root to the seeds, dates back to ancient Greece and Rome.

Greek warriors used fennel to quench their appetite and lose weight, while Charlemagne, already being emperor, had a large quantity of fennel cultivated for its nutritional and medicinal properties. It is a fundamental element in Mediterranean gastronomy, especially in Italian sauces and Spanish preserves.

Fennel benefits

The fennel plant can be used in its entirety in various ways and to treat a wide variety of ailments, outside of its traditional use in gastronomy. For example, an infusion of fennel leaves and stems with chamomile has a high healing potential for conditions related to the digestive tract such as heartburn, flatulence, colic and indigestion. The mixture is optimal if it is combined with chewing the seeds of the plant, also preventing halitosis and gingivitis.

Similarly, prepared as an infusion together with spearmint or mint, a powerful antispasmodic is generated, ideal for treating bronchial problems, asthma and cough. Likewise, fennel contains natural estrogens that contribute to the hormonal regulation of women during menstruation.

In its gastronomic use, its stem is basically used as a vegetable and its seeds and leaves as flavorings, giving the food a characteristic aniseed flavor. Consumed in this way, it is an important source of vitamin A, associated with the skin and vision, potassium, ideal for nerve functions, and magnesium, the main component of calcium absorption in bones. On the other hand, it includes a not inconsiderable contribution of dietary fiber, protein and iron.

An ideal complement in food

There are so many options in which you can take advantage of the many properties of fennel and its benefits that its use is increasingly widespread in families in almost any part of the world where this vegetable is accessible. Its high nutritional value has made it win the affection of nutritionists and especially of those who are or want to start a diet, fennel will always be a very good alternative since it provides energy to the body as well as helping to lose weight, a combination that does not it is usually common in almost any food. Learn about the benefits of fennel to flatten the belly.

Fennel can be a food that is hardly on the table of the vast majority of those who are reading the article, for that reason remember that if you start from the first years to encourage healthy eating habits, so that later in its development process In addition to being better developed children, they can consume the obligatory vegetables in their diet without any type of resistance, since it is a custom for him or her to taste this type of flavors. Fennel has crossed the boundaries of time and continues to maintain its same properties as years ago and more have even been discovered, so using it for your meals is a great idea.

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