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BioFit Probiotic Weight Loss-5 things you should never put on your face

by fiona basil (2021-03-24)

Every woman wants to look more beautiful and attractive, so they are always aware of the care of their face and skin. That is why they are constantly renewing the products that are used for their care and certain things can be applied on the face that are not recommended to apply.

Now, some dermatologists and cosmetologists indicate that there are products that you should not use because they cause damage to the skin, such as dryness and other types of reactions that can make the skin ugly. Hence, when choosing what to use and what not, you must know very well what you are going to apply. In this article we want to talk to you about 5 things you should never put on your face.

Take care of your face: Avoid harmful products

Since the face is one of the most delicate parts of the skin, there is a greater risk of suffering a problem. Dermatologists recommend avoiding specific products that can harm our skin. Here are some of the most harmful, although they may not seem like it.

1. Vegetable shortening

The shortening is used in the manufacture of some products for the skin, such as to treat psoriasis. However, although it is useful for some aspects of the skin, it is not useful for the face. This product is too heavy for facial skin. It causes clogging of pores and stimulates the appearance of acne.

2. White vinegar

Although there are those who recommend the use of vinegar to treat some cases of acne or some fungus, we want to tell you that it is not a good choice for the face. The reason is that white vinegar contains acetic acid that causes damage to facial skin, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you have a cut or burn. Also, white vinegar causes dryness, which will mean using another product to treat the vinegar's effects.

3. Pure vitamin E

When speaking of a vitamin we could think that all its effects are favorable. However, when it comes to facial care, pure vitamin E is not a beneficial option, even though there are those who use it to make some cosmetics. Using its oil directly on the skin has effects that are very similar to those of vegetable oil; since it causes clogging of the pores and favors the appearance of acne. It has also produced reactions such as burning or swelling.

4. Hair spray or shampoo

For what purpose is the spray or shampoo used on the face? There are those who indicate that this is a method that allows you to set your makeup and that it can last longer. Now, to understand the damaging effect that this can cause, it is only necessary to know what they were created for; For the hair. When used on facial skin, you can cause damage that you will regret. As in its content there is hairspray and alcohol, this causes the skin on the face to be dry and flaky and can cause irritation.

5. Creams with retinol

There are those who trust the use of these creams, because some are promoted as useful for the face, for example, to attack acne and prevent premature aging. Even so, dermatologists confirm that its use on facial skin is not beneficial. Among some of the reasons we have for not using them are that it thins the skin and can make it more sensitive. Also, it has caused redness and even a rash.

Recommendations for the use of products on your face

Because we know that you want to take the best possible care of yourself, we offer you some recommendations that will be very useful:

  • Do not forget that all skin types do not have the same reaction when using different products; Therefore, first read its recommendations and if you are going to apply it, observe if it has unfavorable reactions, first doing a test on your hand, in a small area.
  • Before buying a product, first check that it does not contain alcohol or any other compound such as retinol.
  • Learn to identify what type of skin you have by attending a dermatologist.
  • Follow the recommendations of specialists, such as a dermatologist who can guide you on what products can be used on the face without suffering adverse reactions.

Taking care of your skin is not something that should be taken for granted, it should be your priority. But it is necessary to recognize that not all the recommendations that we hear or read, as well as not all the recommended products for the skin, are really suitable to use without taking any risk. With these 5 things that you should never put on your face, you can keep it healthy, which is undoubtedly a guarantee of beauty and youth for you.

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