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BathMate System Hydro Pump

by James Vardy (2017-05-07)

The Bathmate is the first hydro penis pump that came out on the market, hence the birth of Bathmate Hercules. The male enhancement world embraced the innovation of hydro penis pumping as it helped many men increased penis size in both girth and length.

Later, Bathmate released bigger models such as the Hydromax X30 and Goliath to accommodate bigger size penises.

Recently, as you can see in the update just below, Bathmate released the latest addition to the Bathmate series, Hydromax X40. Certainly, there would be better models that Bathmate releasing in the future.

This Bathmate penis pump is not only dedicated to exploring the Bathmate features and capability, but also cover how the Bathmate series compare to the new player in hydro penis pumping, the Hydromax.

Both Bathmate and Hydromax are covered here, but it is the Bathmate covered in depth within this article, and there is a separate review for the Hydromax.

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by Claude Jean-Marie (2017-07-20)

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Re: BathMate System Hydro Pump

by No Meal No Health (2018-05-22)

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Re: BathMate System Hydro Pump

by TP HCM Cao Đẳng Y Dược Sài Gòn (2018-06-08)

Thanks share!

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Re: BathMate System Hydro Pump

by Dr Gia Sư Trí Tuệ 24h (2018-08-11)

dech con me nhnh

Re: BathMate System Hydro Pump

by Mr Cao Đẳng Y Tế Khánh Hòa (2018-09-08)

Bai viet dưuoc day dech me

Re: BathMate System Hydro Pump

by Dr Gia Sư Toán (2018-09-12)

well, very good nhe