Vol 5, No 2 (2012)

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Vulnerability exploited and a population betrayed PDF HTML
Ames Dhai 62-63
The Plight of Prof Karabus PDF HTML
Humphrey Henchman Lewis 64


Hospital exclusion clauses limiting liability for medical malpractice resulting in death or physical or psychological injury: What is the effect of the Consumer Protection Act? PDF HTML
David J McQuoid-Mason 65-68


Stem cell tourism in South Africa: The legal position PDF HTML
M Nothling Slabbert, S Mahomed 69-73
Human dignity and consent in research biobanking PDF HTML
D G Kirchhoffer, K Dierickx 74-77
The ‘war on drugs’ has failed: Is decriminalisation of drug use a solution to the problem in South Africa? PDF HTML
R K Fellingham, A Dhai, Y Guidozzi, J Gardner 78-82
In defence of Helsinki and human rights PDF HTML
A Plomer 83-86
FDA abandons the Declaration of Helsinki: The effect on the ethical aspects of clinical trial conduct in South Africa and other developing countries PDF HTML
L J Burgess, D Pretorius 87-90
Compensation for research-related injury in South Africa: A critique of the good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines PDF HTML
C Slack, P Singh, A Strode, Z Essack 91-94
Are students being coerced into testing for HIV? Ethical considerations related to offering incentives for HIV counselling and testing at tertiary institutions in South Africa PDF HTML
David Alan Cameron, Hanlie Van der Merwe 95-97
Discharge against medical advice: Ethico-legal implications from an African perspective PDF HTML
Joseph Olusesan Fadare, Abiodun Christopher Jemilohun 98-101
Conflict of interest: A tenacious ethical dilemma in public health policy, not only in clinical practice/research PDF HTML
Leslie London, Richard Matzopoulos, Joanne Corrigal, Jonathan Elliot Myers, Aadielah Maker, Charles Parry 102-108

Education and training

Bridging the Gap: Focussed, In-depth and Practical Short Courses in Bioethics and Health Law PDF HTML
Kevin Behrens 109

CPD questions