Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

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Solidarity and South Africa’s healthcare professionals PDF HTML
Ames Dhai 2-3


Politics and ethics: Should the twain never meet? PDF HTML
Mahomed Aslam Sathar, Uttam Govind 4-5


Social conscience and healthcare professionals: Where does one draw the line? PDF HTML
Amma Antwi, Tafadzwa Chigumba, Abnel Mutambasere, Ngunja Lohuma Seyuba 6-9
Decriminalisation of consensual sexual conduct between children: What should doctors do regarding the reporting of sexual offences under the Sexual Offences Act until the Constitutional Court confirms the judgement of the Teddy Bear Clinic case? PDF HTML
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 10-12
The South African clinical trial industry: Implications of problems with the issuing of human tissue export permits PDF HTML
Lesley Jean Burgess, Deodanda Pretorius 13-15


The legal position on the classification of human tissue in South Africa: Can tissues be owned? PDF HTML
Safia Mahomed, Melodie Nöthling-Slabbert, Michael S Pepper 16-20
Promoting responsible research conduct in a developing world academic context PDF HTML
Lyn Margaret Horn 21-24
Colour discrimination against persons with albinism in South Africa PDF HTML
Maureen Mswela, Melodie Nöthling-Slabbert 25-27
Phronesis and an ethics of responsibility PDF HTML
Anton Albert van Niekerk, Nico Nortjé 28-31
Towards an Indigenous African Bioethics PDF HTML
Kevin Gary Behrens 32-35

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The importance of comprehensive protection in today’s healthcare environment PDF HTML