Vol 10, No 2 (2017)

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The Life Esidimeni tragedy: Constitutional oath betrayed PDF
A Dhai 40-41


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Articles: Life Esidimeni

Life Esidimeni psychiatric patients in Gauteng Province, South Africa: Clinicians’ voices and activism – an ongoing, but submerged narrative PDF
B Janse van Rensburg 42-45
Following on from the Life Esidimeni incident – access to care for people living with severe mental disability, according to national policy PDF
B Janse van Rensburg 46-49
The Life Esidimeni tragedy: A human-rights perspective PDF
B A Ferlito, A Dhai 50-53

Letter to editor

Were ethical and legal issues violated, or was the book Mandela’s Last Days censored? PDF
M A Sathar 54-55


Deferential vulnerability and patient decision-making PDF
C Ellis 56-57
Informed consent and deafness in South Africa: Guidelines for clinicians and researchers PDF
C Penn, V de Andrade 58-62
Password compliance for PACS work stations: Implications for emergency-driven medical environments PDF
T B Mahlaola, B van Dyk 63-66
Do doctors attending sexual-offence victims have to notify sexual-offence suspects that their patients who were forced to have unprotected sexual intercourse are HIV-positive? What should doctors do? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 67-68
Transparency in Medicines Regulatory Affairs - Reclaiming Missed Opportunities PDF
Y A Vawda, A Gray 69-74
How do healthcare professionals manage ethical challenges regarding information in healthcare professional/patient clinical interactions? A review of concept- or argument-based articles and case analyses PDF
C Ewuoso, S Hall, K Dierickx 75-82
Public health officials and MECs for health should be held criminally liable for causing the death of cancer patients through their intentional or negligent conduct that results in oncology equipment not working in hospitals PDF
DJ McQuoid-Mason 83-85
A study of the role and functions of inspectors of anatomy in South Africa PDF
P Pillay, DJ McQuoid Mason, K S Satyapal 86-92
The 2016 CIOMS guidelines and public-health research ethics PDF
J R Williams 93-95
End-of-life practices: The opinions of undergraduate medical students at a South African university PDF
C Marais, J Smouse, G Poortier, A Fair, G Joubert, W J Steinberg 96-101

CPD questions

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