Vol 13, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents


COVID-19 vaccines: Equitable access, vaccine hesitancy and the dilemma of emergency use approvals PDF
Ames Dhai 77
Funding considerations for the use of experimental therapies for COVID-19 in the South African private sector PDF
Z Adam, R J Wiseman 79
COVID-19 millionaires must be held criminally accountable PDF
S Mahomed, G Loots, G Andrews 81


Contents PDF


Resource allocation during COVID-19: A focus on vulnerable populations PDF
C de V Castelyn, I M Viljoen, A Dhai, M S Pepper 83
COVID-19: What should employers do if employed health professionals such as doctors and nurses refuse to treat COVID-19 patients despite being provided with the required personal protective equipment? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 87
‘Please confirm your HIV-positive status by email to the following government address’: Protection of ‘vulnerable employees’ under COVID-19 PDF
D T Hagemeister, M R Mpeli, B E Shabangu 91
The HPCSA’s telemedicine guidance during COVID-19: A review PDF
B A Townsend, M Mars, R E Scott 97
Sharing human biobank samples and data in exchange for funding in South Africa in international collaborative health research – an ethicolegal analysis PDF
M Maseme, S Mahomed 103
Factors influencing truth-telling by healthcare providers to terminally ill cancer patients at Ocean Road Cancer Institute in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania PDF
R Athanas, F Gasto, S J Renatha 108
Prohibited substance regulation and compliance testing: A principalism approach PDF
J B Laurens, P A Carstens 114
Factors associated with refusal of hospital treatment at Odi District Hospital, Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
D K Nzaumvila, L H Mabuza, M Mogotsi, T Bongongo, C N Saidiya 119
Multidisciplinary specialist treatment teams and abandonment of patients – who is responsible for what? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 125
Managed healthcare: Treatment protocols and fiduciary duties of funders PDF
D Masege, A Dhai 129

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CPD questionnaire PDF