Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

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Healthcare reform in South Africa: A step in the direction of social justice PDF HTML
Ames Dhai 48

Letter to editor

Neonatal circumcision PDF HTML
J Smith, S Velaphi, A Horn, Y Joolay, A Madide 50


Medical mistakes - a student's perspective PDF HTML
Gerrit van Schalkwyk, Keymanthri Moodley 52
Stem cell research - the regulatory framework in South Africa PDF HTML
Sandra Sithole 55


The public’s attitude towards strike action by healthcare workers and health services in South Africa PDF HTML
Ames Dhai, Harriet Rosanne Etheredge, Merryll Vorster, Yosuf Veriava 58
Psychometrics of the student version of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (JSPE-S) in final-year medical students in Johannesburg in 2008 PDF HTML
Kantilal Vallabh 63
Using the concept of ‘parental responsibilities and rights’ to identify adults able to provide proxy consent to child research in South Africa PDF HTML
Ann Elaine Strode, Catherine May Slack 69
Mandatory reporting of sexual abuse under the Sexual Offences Act and the 'best interests of the child' PDF HTML
David McQuoid-Mason 74
Ethical and regulatory issues surrounding umbilical cord blood banking in South Africa PDF HTML
Sylvester C Chima, Fahmida Mamdoo 79
The threat of litigation: Private obstetric care – quo vadis? PDF
Graham Howarth 85
The ethical concerns of using medical male circumcision in HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa PDF
Calvin Gwandure 89
Compulsory HIV testing of alleged sexual offenders – a human rights violation PDF HTML
K Naidoo, K Govender 95

Education and training

An innovative South African-based Master's Programme to train bioethics and medical law experts PDF HTML
J Gardner 102
Advancing Research Ethics Training in Southern Africa (ARESA) PDF HTML
Keymanthri Moodley, Stuart Rennie 104
Training trainers in health and human rights PDF HTML
L London 106
South African Research Ethics Training Initiative (SARETI) PDF HTML
Doug Wassenaar 107
Research ethics short course: Responsible conduct of research PDF HTML
Ames Dhai 109

CPD questions

CPD Questionnaire PDF