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Preventative Pest Manage Strategies Sanitation: As they are saying, cleanliness is beside godliness. And it keeps pests out, way too. Maintaining your home clean up is the simplest pest Regulate system. If you do not leave foodstuff or soiled dishes lying around the dwelling, animals and insects will not be interested in the odor. Sweep and vacuum consistently. Keep in mind, Simply because You can not see crumbs does not imply they don't exist. Clean up inside pantries and cabinets cabinets, below and across the stove and refrigerator a minimum of yearly. Screens: This will seem obvious, but screens on doors and windows are an easy and relatively low cost way to help keep insects outside of the house. Also, screens on crawlspaces hold rodents from getting quick access routes into the house. Caulking: By caulking cracks in your house, you can minimize sites for insects to hide and nest. Target loos and the kitchen, Specifically doors and Home windows. Nontoxic Pest

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