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Atchley Keith


Suzanne is a 47-year-old golf caddy who enjoys cookery, vandalising bus stops and adult colouring books. She is entertaining and mild, however can also be really stingy and a bit wicked. She is addicted to strawberry bonbons, something which her good friend Lee Evangeline Hunter mentioned when she was 17. The issue magnified in 1992. Suzanne has actually lost five tasks as an outcome of her dependency, specifically: local activist, admin assistant, lab assistant, tea maker and extra. She is a Mexican Jedi. She ended up school and after that left academia. Physically, Suzanne remains in good shape. She is high with cocao skin, blonde hair and brown eyes. She has Due to the strawberry bonbons, Suzanne looks older than her real age. She matured in a middle class neighbourhood. Having actually never ever really known her moms and dads, she was raised in a series of foster homes. Suzanne's finest pal is a golf caddy called Lee Hunter. They get on well the majority of the time.

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