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Best Unformat SD Card Freeware for Windows 7/8/10

by nana wang (2018-11-08)

It's really painful that found data was wiped by formatting the SD card mistakenly while following the Windows prompts: You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it . Fortunately, your... Read more

How to recover deleted files from memory card with Bitwar data recovery software?

by nana wang (2018-11-12)

<a href=> </A>卡存储器是广泛用于数码相机,手持式和移动计算机,电话,音乐播放器一个流行的数据存储装置等它可能是一个令人心碎的事情,如果在存储卡中的数据已经丢失。 意外删除和格式化是 最佳 两方面的原因造成的数据丢失。... Read more