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Best Unformat SD Card Freeware for Windows 7/8/10

by nana wang (2018-11-08)

It's really painful that found data was wiped by formatting the SD card mistakenly while following the Windows prompts: You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. Fortunately, your data still exists there if there's no new data writing in and unformat SD card freeware can help you get back lost files easily and quickly.

SD card is the most common used media storage device can be equipped in mobile phone, digital camera, digital camcorder, portable game player, music player, etc. However, due to the off-brand flash memory chip or massive usage of the SD card day by day. There are always having faults while using SD card, what's troubling is that precious data, such as documents, videos, audios, photos store in the SD card probably gone away, however, we cannot lose them.

Indeed, if someone is unfamiliar with the operations of Windows or Mac, it is possible to follow the prompts to format the SD card while having no ideas it can cause data loss, that's why we found many people asked in Quora: How to recover data from formatted SD card?

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